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Becoming Independent: Deciding what resources to buy

Mr Potato Head

I kept two principles in mind when deciding what I needed to buy or borrow to start my therapy business:

  • Wait and see what I need and then buy it – with internet shopping lots of things are available on next day delivery.
  • Buy things that can be stored easily and used for multiple purposes – as I’d need to store everything at home and then carry it to therapy sessions.

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Start tweeting, speechies!

I recently went to Paris to eat pastries while my partner attended a conference. Lots of people at the conference were using Twitter. They commented on presentations, shared relevant links, and arranged evening soirées.

Speechies: get with the times

Okay, so it was a content strategy conference for web people, but I think therapists need to try new ways of interacting with each other too. There’s a small community of us using Twitter. You should join us.

Share information

Therapists post links to interesting content, like this information sheet about creating social stories (PDF link) which was shared by several people I follow (e.g. @specialquest).

We also ask questions and share resources. For example @speechreka asked:

Anyone has access to this?: Quick Screen for Voice and Supplementary Documents for Identifying Pediatric Voice Disorders- LSHSS vol 35:308

And then:

I’d really appreciate it if someone can share that article. And anything dealing with paediatric voice disorders. Have an ax tomorrow…lost

Shareka got several responses from around the world, and later on shared what she’d found. Excellent timing. I was expecting a voice client for an initial assessment the next day!

Join the community

Twitter is a place to have an SLT-related chat, to share struggles and successes like this one from @speechbob:

just had the school psych tell me that one of my fluency students was talking up a storm with his strategies, made me smile.

We’re a friendly bunch, so what are you waiting for? Start tweeting and pick the brains of colleagues from all over the world. I’m @RhiannanW. See you there!