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Speech and Language Therapy and Professional Identity

Cover of J Stokes book

In the conclusion to their book, Jane Stokes and Marian McCormick wrote that they hope it makes you think “Hmmm…” – it certainly does.

As Jane and Marion designed the curriculum for a new postgraduate course in speech and language therapy they collected stories, and then wrote this book to add to the conversation about issues that underlie the SLT profession. The book has 10 chapters, 5 written by Jane and Marian, and 5 contributed by other people. It raises challenging questions and explicitly invites the reader to examine their professional beliefs. Continue reading

Diving in: supervising new speech therapy graduates


I’m supervising two new graduate Speech and Language Therapists. They’re thoughtful and skilled clinicians who’ve taught me a lot. It’s a difficult time to be starting out in the NHS — just scheduling supervision sessions is a challenge.

When I started working as an SLT I remember feeling like I’d been thrown in the deep end while still getting support from my new colleagues. I’m trying to give my new graduates a similar experience. Learning can be uncomfortable, and that’s okay, but I don’t want them to drown.

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Putting Yourself First

We present a guest post by Cathy Sparkes and Sam Simpson, SLTs who work together as intandem. Here are Cathy and Sam’s reflections on supervision. 

Ask yourself this question: Am I looking after myself enough in these challenging times? If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ then read on!

The service you work in is probably being exposed to job cuts, a reduction in CPD funding and the demand to maintain clinical standards with ever-shrinking resources. In the midst of this you still need to put yourself first by making sure you’re receiving the quantity and quality of supervision you need. Over the past decade we have been supporting SLTs to access and provide good quality supervision. However, we often find that people don’t know what supervision is, have never experienced it or think they haven’t got time for it.

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Rebekah Taylor: Therapy Ideas Podcast, episode 4

Listen to the fourth episode of the Therapy Ideas Podcast, a series of conversations with therapists from around the world. In this episode I speak to Rebekah Taylor in Los Angeles, about how she assesses and prioritises in the American school system, life without a waiting list, and the value of supervision and peer support.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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