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Start a Speech and Language Therapy Blog Today – Conference Workshop

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A couple of weeks back, at the ASLTIP conference,  I led a session about how to start a speech and language therapy blog. I knew I didn’t want to stand and talk for an hour, so I included activities as we went along, which I hoped would leave attendees ready to write their first blog post when they got home. Continue reading

Using Evidence-Based Practice in Real-Life

I’ve been thinking about how evidence-based practice is relevant to daily life as a therapist. I enjoyed reading Arlene McCurtin and Hazel Roddam’s Review, Evidence-based practice: SLTs under siege or opportunity for growth? The use and nature of research evidence in the profession, in the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. Check it out!

Many clinicians and managers I’ve spoken to think that evidence-based practice (EBP) consists solely of evidence from systematic research. Which means the mantra – base service decisions on EBP, can seem punitive rather than supportive. Watch Kate Malcomess describe how clinicians can feel dismissed and devalued if they don’t have an evidence base, in her 5 minute lightning talk. McCurin and Roddam use a definition by Dollaghan (2007) that highlights there are three components of EBP: research evidence, the expertise of the clinician (internal to clinical practice), and patient values and preferences.

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Helen Stringer: Therapy Ideas Podcast, episode 1

Listen to the first episode of the new Therapy Ideas podcast, a series of conversations with therapists from around the world. First up, I speak to Helen Stringer, from Newcastle University about using social media in evidence based practice, making the most of students on placement and practical ways of reflecting on the things we do at work everyday.

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Therapy Ideas Live podcast

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