Goodbye old (inanimate) friend

Last week somewhere between leaving home and arriving at work, I lost my teddy bear. I’d tucked him firmly into the side pocket of my rucksack and he must have fallen out.┬áHe was a gift, and a firm favourite in therapy. I’ll miss him!

Here he is being read a bedtime story by a child practising narratives, and dressing up!

IMG_1174 - Version 2 IMG_1131

2 thoughts on “Goodbye old (inanimate) friend

  1. Bryony

    Oh no! That is a great sadness. I thought I’d lost Monkey and Frog yesterday and was equally devastated. Found them amongst the tea set though.. Silver lining is you have the perfect excuse to go find Teddy 2.0

  2. Allison

    Poor Teddy! Maybe he will make his way home. I’m a speech therapist in the States, and I just found your blog today and I’m excited to see what’s going on in London!

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