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Real Life Language, Idea No. 1 – Picking Blackberries

Blackberry Pie

Here’s the first post in a new series, Real Life Language Ideas. Therapy targets need to be worked on frequently between therapy sessions, this is easiest for the family and most functional for the child, if it can be incorporated into¬†activities they do anyway. In this series, each post will explain how a child can practise various language and speech skills during a particular activity. First up: blackberry picking! Continue reading

Goodbye old (inanimate) friend

Last week somewhere between leaving home and arriving at work, I lost my teddy bear. I’d tucked him firmly into the side pocket of my rucksack and he must have fallen out.¬†He was a gift, and a firm favourite in therapy. I’ll miss him!

Here he is being read a bedtime story by a child practising narratives, and dressing up!

IMG_1174 - Version 2 IMG_1131