Combine the Therapy Ideas Workshop with a weekend in London

Cheese at Borough Market

The Therapy Ideas Workshop, Get Control of Your Time and be More Productive by Prioritising Your Caseload is on 12 October at Sadler’s Wells in London. That’s a Friday–so it’s a perfect excuse for a weekend away!

London for speech therapists

To make your London visit speech and language therapy themed, start with dance and music—a great way to study non-verbal communication. Your workshop ticket gets you 20% off any show at Sadler’s Wells or the Peacock Theatre. Just buy your theatre ticket on the day of the workshop. Check out Some Like it Hip Hop or the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

How about observing pragmatic skills in action during a stroll around the market? At Borough Market you can also conduct a single case study: which texture of treats are easiest to nibble while walking? We all know SLTs like to natter, so enjoy a good catch up over afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury, coffee at Workshop Coffee Company or cocktails at the Zetter.

There are plenty of affordable hotels near the workshop venue, like the Premier Inn and Jury’s Inn. So come and join me for the workshop and enjoy a weekend in London, it’s win – win!

Photo by coolhunting “tapas”‘s 

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