Invest in Yourself: Learn Essential SLT Skills for the Next Decade

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When I remember the therapy package I offered “Freddy”, I wince. Over 18 months, I gave him four six-week blocks of therapy: 24 sessions in all. When I eventually discharged Freddy, he still couldn’t consistently produce velars—and worse, he still didn’t care. Even though his parents realised that I didn’t have a magic wand, they didn’t practise with him at home. So I didn’t achieve my objective and I wasted several precious days—days I could’ve used working with other clients. I had clients on a waiting list who were ready to engage with therapy and work towards realistic targets. What a waste.

What can I learn from this failure story? Instead of managing my caseload, monitoring my progress, and focusing on outcomes, I kept on repeating the same activity, hoping for a different outcome. That’s one way to define insanity—and yet, that’s how most of us still operate today. We need to change the way we approach therapy.

Modern SLT teams need new skills

I asked SLT managers what they’re looking for in their staff team. They told me that they need therapists who manage their own caseloads, balance a range of demands, and achieve outcomes for clients. Managers need therapists who know how to collaborate, can deal with conflict, and have a flexible mindset.

Here’s the problem: managers need staff with these skills and therapists need to learn them, but traditional training courses don’t teach them. I developed the Therapy Ideas Workshop to tackle this problem. It’s a day of practical learning, through exercises, discussions, and case studies. After attending the workshop you’ll get noticed at work—for all the right reasons!—and life as a therapist will be more satisfying.

The commissioning landscape is changing and we don’t have a map to follow, so teams need therapists who can make their own map, take personal responsibility, and challenge the old working practices. Think of this workshop as an investment in yourself. Whether you’re looking for a promotion, your first job, or more satisfaction from your current role, this workshop is for you.

The workshop is on Friday 12 October at Sadler’s Wells, London. You have a week to snap up a ticket at the early bird price of £139. Book online today. Spread the word by emailing these details to colleagues, posting about it on your Facebook wall or Tweeting. Come with a friend, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with when you take your new ideas back to work!

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  1. Rachel

    Looks like a good opportunity. If it were local, it’s something I would consider. I would really like to discuss how other slps manage their Medicare caseload in the LTC setting.

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