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I’m organising a conference about using person-centred techniques in speech therapy

therapy ideas live conference

I’m organising the Therapy Ideas Live Conference on 2 November 2015 in London. Speech and language therapists will practise person-centred techniques that help clients to meet their needs.

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To connect with our clients we must model vulnerability


I believe that wonderful things happen when we step outside our comfort zone and do things that scare us, when we’re brave and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

There was recently a discussion on twitter about SLTs presenting a calm exterior even when we’re panicking or out of control on the inside. We all know this feeling! It got me thinking, we need to present ourselves in a way that inspires confidence in the people we work with. We also need to bring our vulnerability to work – and not worry about people seeing our uncertainty. It’s hard and something I continue to struggle with.

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