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Reflecting on past CPD to design a new conference


Therapy Ideas Live

I was selected for the HCPC Continuing Professional Development audit, so I’ve been reflecting on how we apply what we learn to our therapy. As I put together my CPD “portfolio” I noticed some common features of the CPD that I’d found most useful. I’ve used these common features to make my new conference an effective learning experience.  Continue reading

Therapy Ideas Live 2011 Wrap Up

It’s been a big year here at Therapy Ideas Live HQ. We’ve held three free evening events in London, each of which sold out, featuring 30 amazing speakers in total. They used their five minute slots to talk about diverse topics ranging from therapy approaches and new resources to goal setting and counselling, and everything in between.

The events were featured in the RCSLT bulletin: I was interviewed for My Working Life (page 34) in September and Janice Tucker wrote a lovely letter about the events in the November issue (page 4).

We’ve drunk wine together, socialised with our SLT colleagues, and recorded all the talks on video! It’s completely exceeded my expectations.

What’s next for 2012?

The first Therapy Ideas Live of 2012 is on March 14th, when we’ll be returning to City University. We’re keen to mix things up, Therapy Ideas Live with a twist: added speed dating! Okay, not the dating part so much — watch this space.

We’re publishing all the videos from the last three events and integrating them with some new features on the website. And I’m starting a podcast, so get in touch if you fancy being interviewed. It’s exciting stuff!

Thanks for all your support this year, hope to share ideas with you in 2012!

Watch the first ever talk

Watch the talk that started it all: Gina Davies at the RCSLT in July, which has been viewed more than 870 times by therapists all over the world!