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Check out a new resource for running language groups

The book, with the hat used in the game!

The book, with the hat used in the game!

I recently got my hands on Communication & Language Activities – Running Groups for School-Aged Children, edited by Sarah Nash. Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book by the publisher to review, I used to work in the Hackney Team and Sarah is a friend. That said, here’s what I think.

I loved the illustration on the cover, and was keen to see how the book had been structured. There’s a comprehensive and clearly written introduction, covering topics like planning the sessions, dealing with difficulties and supporting carry over to the classroom.

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Famous! (in Hackney)

I’ve caught up with lots of my old colleagues from Hackney over the last few weeks and they all greeted me the same way: “You’re famous!” They exaggerate, but a picture of me working with a child accompanies an article about the SLT service in last week’s Hackney Today. You can read a clipping of the article (PDF), or visit the Hackney Today website to see all of issue 188.

Not quite the Independent, but you have to start somewhere!