Video Interaction Guidance

I recently connected with Liz Panton via twitter. Liz sent me this comment after reading Clare Chilvers’ idea about using video:

SLTs, clients, students, etc. can have an entirely positive video experience with no tears and nasty surprises using Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) – also knows as SPIN and VEROC (Video Enhanced Reflection on Communication).

There is evidence that the VIG approach, focussing on strengths in interaction, is a very effective way to use video to improve communication.

I have tried it with clients with severe communication problems, eg. no speech at all many years post-stroke, with other health professionals and SLT students. Even the most video-phobic have enjoyed the experience and have improved in confidence as well as communicative competence.

I would recommend the VIG approach to anyone interested in using video as a clinical or reflective practice tool.

Liz Panton MRCSLT
Gateshead PCT (South of Tyne and Wear)

Thanks Liz! That website looks like a really useful resource.

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